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I've retired as of June 1, 2017. I have enjoyed working with the amazing staff and students in over 40 
schools in the last 12 years. I wish you all the best!


This site will be left up as a reference for the 2017-2018 school year.




Students doing robotics

The robotics residency builds a task around curricular objectives. Students are challenged to use and extend their skills and knowledge in curricular areas while programming the robots. For example, students in Grade 6 were studying "Trees and Forests," one of the requirements of the Alberta Science Curriculum. The task was for students to create and program a robot to travel to a location on a scale map of Alberta using latitude and longitude, while marking the robot's position on the LCD screen of the robot. While programming the robot the students had a chance to practice latitude and longitude, (x,y) plotting, ratios, percentages, sampling, data management, variables (a concept introduced in grade 7) and make decisions based on the concepts and issues studied in science.


Schools will need to provide the robotic kits (either the older NXT or the newer EV3 robots) and computers with the correct software. For more examples see the Robotics in Schools section. The old, yellow RCX robots still work. The problem is getting the infrared download towers to work correctly with current computers. It's recommended to upgrade to newer robots.