An Animal's Story

A grade 3/4 class had just finished doing a lot of research on animals and we decided to make our robots into the animals the groups were studying.

We created comic strips showing three different events in our animal's daily life. For example, one group was studying the beaver and decided the events would be repairing the dam, finding bark to chew and responding to danger. Another group decided the fox robot would stalk a prairie dog, pounce and start eating and then have to run away when a larger predator came along.

We had to learn how to make the robots travel using organic and curved movements, rather than straight lines and 90° turns that robots like to do. We used the light sensor to detect if there was an enemy, the sound sensor to listen for prey or the ultrasonic sensor to chase after our prey animal. We had another motor that acted like jaws to show our robot animal chewing.