Fault Line Finder

This is an adaptation of the "Hunt for Death Camas" and is an example of how we can adapt similar projects to connect to different curricular areas.

The students need to program the robot to search in all four quadrants of a Cartesian plane to locate a "hidden" fault line. (Grade 6 use the (positive, positive) quadrant.) The robot travels 10 cm each step and takes a measurement there. If there is a fault (black paper), it records the (x, y) coordinate pair into a text file and continues. It needs to keep track of it's location as it moves along.

The start of the program. Notice we begin by deleting the old results.

After the robot has finished the scan, the students download the text file and graph the results. Once they are able to do this with a small sample, the students run their robot on a larger, more complex area and use Excel to plot the results.

Abby and Ben have kindly shared their program for your convenience.

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