Fish Counter and Sorter

​FinS or Fish in Schools, Raise to Release, a program to help chidren understand the conservation of fish in Alberta through raising fish from eggs to fingerling stage and then releasing them. (See FinS 2007)


An early fish-sorting program.

Students print out and document the program they've written.

Students noticed the huge difference in size as the fish developed and how the bigger fish sometimes ate the smaller ones. Could they create a fish sorter that would be able to tell the difference between small fish and big fish, sort and count them?

We broke the task into little pieces and had the students act out the steps which really helped them know what they were asking their robot to do. By the time the students finished and showed their parents, the program was very complicated indeed! One student, Maggie S., commented:

"My celebrations were that my dad showed up and wow, I can't belive [believe] how much I tout [taught] him. Before I thought we were behind but no we where [were] not behind we were one of the first people to be done it was awsome [awesome]."

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