Grade 1

The complexity of Grade 1 projects vary a great deal depending on when the robotics residency is scheduled in the school year. Early projects extend the counting skills from Kindergarten and simple sequences. Later in the year, students can tackle right and left turns, estimation of distances with non-standard units, practical uses of simple addition and subtraction, creating and anticipating a sequence, looping (infinite and conditional), and simple sensory input.

Bees and Flowers

The grade 1/2 classes at Elbow Park School programmed their robots to visit three flowers and return home. This short project worked on estimating distances, spatial relationships, directionality and responding to input.

putting the robots onto the bee board

 Students wrote in their journal every day. Here is some advice and observations from the students:

Number Line Challenges

This project can be adapted for older grade 1 to grade 4 students. See below for more ideas.

Grade 2 students at Sunalta School in Calgary, Alberta were working with a number line and robots. The number line was made with laminated paper with marks 17 cm apart (17 cm is about one rotation or the robot's wheel).

Rainbow Goblins

The students in grade 1 at Glendale School were fascinated by The Rainbow Goblins External Link by Ul De Rico and decided the plants might need a bit of robotic help to save the rainbow. They built and programmed robotic guardians that communicated with each other in case the goblins decided to get sneaky.

Travel Alberta

Take a tour around Alberta with your robots! Visit all the main cities and see the sights. The map we use is simplified for the robots. The students are just learning swing turns (the robot turns using either the right or left motor going forward) so it shouldn't take more than one turn to get from one destination to the next.

There is a sample challenge list included!