Grade 4

Many of the projects for grade 4 have been also done in 3/4 or 4/5 classes depending on the science or math curricular concepts being studies. 


Can you change your robot so it acts like an animal that responds to its environment?  I love this project because it is easy to change the complexity of the challenge so it works with grade 2 all the way up to grade 6 classes.In the earlier grades we have changed it so the students have to make the robot act like an animal in one of Canada's regions. In the older grades we can add much more complexity! Think of it as interpretive dance with robots!

An Animal's Story

A grade 3/4 class had just finished doing a lot of research on animals and we decided to make our robots into the animals the groups were studying.

We created comic strips showing three different events in our animal's daily life. For example, one group was studying the beaver and decided the events would be repairing the dam, finding bark to chew and responding to danger. Another group decided the fox robot would stalk a prairie dog, pounce and start eating and then have to run away when a larger predator came along.

Buckaroo Math Game

Objective: Get as close to 10 000 without going over. The person with the highest score wins.

The robot will pick 5 random numbers. You can decide to add the random number x 1, x 10, x 100 or x 1000. That number will be added to your score. You must use all 5 random numbers.

For example: Ahmed is playing Bob.

Fish Population Sorter

The students at Canyon Meadows School were worried that the larger fish in their Fish in School (FinS) tank would eat the smaller ones. Our robotics project was to create a prototype that would find a fish, test to see if it was large or small and then count the large ones and the smaller ones. We added a "scooper" that would activate whenever it found a large fish to scoop it into a different tank.

The Hunt for Death Camas

What would you do if you were a First Nations person and one of the plants you love to eat looks like a plant that is deadly poisonous? If you had a robot, perhaps you'd program your robot to clear the meadows of Death Camas and leave the delicious Nodding Onion. 

The Recycling Problem

Even with the best of intentions, recycling programs in schools can be troublesome. It only takes one person to put plastic into the can recycling bin and someone has to sort all of the recycling - a perfect job for a robot. Students from Jennie Elliott School decided to tackle this problem with the RCX robots and again, in later years, using the newer NXT robots.