Grade 6

By Grade 6 the students can use x,y coordinates, ratios, angles, percentages and averages in the projects. This allows for a wide variety of projects that give the students practical tasks that use these skills. 


Can you change your robot so it acts like an animal that responds to its environment?  I love this project because it is easy to change the complexity of the challenge so it works with grade 2 all the way up to grade 6 classes.In the earlier grades we have changed it so the students have to make the robot act like an animal in one of Canada's regions. In the older grades we can add much more complexity! Think of it as interpretive dance with robots!

Archeologist's Helper

Archaeologists in Greece wanted some help discovering where there might be possible ruins. The Grade 6 Robotics Experts had to design a robot that would travel across the ground and map the ground density, the theory being that the less dense the ground is, the more disturbed it is and the better chance they will find artifacts.

Buckaroo Math Game

Objective: Get as close to 10 000 without going over. The person with the highest score wins.

The robot will pick 5 random numbers. You can decide to add the random number x 1, x 10, x 100 or x 1000. That number will be added to your score. You must use all 5 random numbers.

For example: Ahmed is playing Bob.

Robots to the Rescue!

"If a skier is buried in an avalanche, they have a very short time to be rescued. Me and my team designed a robot prototype that will help find and start performing immediate rescue aid to a buried skier. We hope that this prototype, if it works, could be mass produced and scattered over an avalanche slope to find the buried skier quickly so human rescuers could go strate [straight] to the skier and help him," wrote a grade 6 student at Elbow Park School.

Sky Science - Constellations

The students program a robot to make a scale plot of a constellation. The robot starts at the Pole Star facing galactic North, turns toward the constellation and moves the the first star. As the robot arrives at a star, it marks the location of the star with a felt pen and displays the name of the star on the robot's screen. To do this, the students have to measure a star map using millimeters, measure angles using a protractor, decide on the ratio of the distance measured between stars, to the distance the robot would travel.

The Geometric Ideal vs The Real World

Geometric shapes seem really easy. Everyone knows what a square, rectangle and triangle look like. 

Programming the robot to drive these shapes is a different story! Making the wheels turn 90° doesn't make the robot make a 90° turn. Our first job is to find what unique ratio we have to use to make accurate turns which takes a lot of meticulous work with a protractor and data collection. 

The Hunt for Death Camas

What would you do if you were a First Nations person and one of the plants you love to eat looks like a plant that is deadly poisonous? If you had a robot, perhaps you'd program your robot to clear the meadows of Death Camas and leave the delicious Nodding Onion. 

The Labyrinth

Imagine the string that Ariadne gave Thesius became untied. We need to make the robot travel through the Labyrinth and rescue Thesius and the Athenian youths. We've laid out a grid with 10cm squares to help us measure and navigate the labyrinth.


Our first job is making our robot go 10 lines (100cm) exactly using decimal rotations. We'll divide this by 10 to find out how much we need to go only 1 line (10cm).


Our next job is to investigate turning the robot. Look at this turning testing examples:

Trees and Forests

The task is to drive to a location using latitude and longitude (between 51°N 118°W and 52.5°N 116.5°W), determine if the location is infected with Pine Beetle and report back. The screen of the NXT should show a grid with the robot's current location and a summary of the number of infected/healthy trees it finds. It also needs to display the results of the survey as a percentage and make a recommendation to help the forest become more healthy.