Most projects for Kindergarten deal with working with a sequence of events and is really helped when the students have a story that introduces or accompanies the problem. Most students at this level find it easy to add more and more "move" blocks to make the robot go further (a one-and-one-and-one type of movement). The next leap is to replace 3 move blocks of one rotation each with a single move block of 3 rotations. It takes a lot of play with the program and the robot for some students to make that leap.

Kindergarten and EV3

The changes to the EV3 program add a lot of options for the older student but add complications for the younger kids, especially for Kindergarten students. This project uses a simplified, custom pallet with four icons: Forward, Backward, Sound and Spin-Around.

Project example for Kindergarten

To use, open the project and select the teal/green tab at the end. 

Students can re-order blocks as they wish and can drag blocks back into the project tab to "recycle" them.

Kindergarten Shapes

This is a constructor kit to make shapes. It uses MyBlocks to make it easier for Kindergarten students to use. Be sure that after you download this project file (below), that you lock it when you put it on the students' desktop.

Making a triangle...

Rosie's Walk

It is the first day of Robotics in a kindergarten class at Sunalta School in Calgary. The students have been reading stories and working at activity centres all about farms and farm animals. One of the books they have read time and time again is Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins , the story about Rosie, the hen, who leaves the chicken coop to walk around the farm and back home again completely unaware that a clumsy fox is tracking her every move.