Kindergarten and EV3

The changes to the EV3 program add a lot of options for the older student but add complications for the younger kids, especially for Kindergarten students. This project uses a simplified, custom pallet with four icons: Forward, Backward, Sound and Spin-Around.

Project example for Kindergarten

To use, open the project and select the teal/green tab at the end. 

Students can re-order blocks as they wish and can drag blocks back into the project tab to "recycle" them.

If you are in a server environment, I found that sometimes the first computer to open the project works just fine but the next, and any following computer crashes if they try to open the same project file. A quick work-around is to copy and rename the files on the server (so you have a K1.ev3, K2.ev3...) and this seems to work.