The Labyrinth

Imagine the string that Ariadne gave Thesius became untied. We need to make the robot travel through the Labyrinth and rescue Thesius and the Athenian youths. We've laid out a grid with 10cm squares to help us measure and navigate the labyrinth.


Our first job is making our robot go 10 lines (100cm) exactly using decimal rotations. We'll divide this by 10 to find out how much we need to go only 1 line (10cm).


Our next job is to investigate turning the robot. Look at this turning testing examples:

Experiment with the Disaster program to see if there is a better way to turn your robot.

The Spiral Program

This is a chance to see if you can make a spiral using the counter output from the loop. Remember that the robot counts starting at 0 but the robot won't move if you ask it to go 0 rotations. We need a block to add one to the robot's counter. The lower, more advanced program makes a spiral starting with 10cm and follows the grid on our cardboard.