Making the Connection (First Time)

Once you have made a connection it will last until you turn off either of the robots. When you turn the robots on, you need to refresh the connection from the Boss computer but you shouldn't have to follow these steps just to refresh the connection.

Make the Helper Visible

Go into the Bluetooth menu and select Visibility and turn the robot visible.

Making robot visible.

Make the Boss Search

Now that the Helper is visible, get the Boss to search. If you are in the classroom you'll find many robots being visible so be sure you have named your robot correctly so you know which one to connect to.


Helper is visible Boss searches

The searching takes a minute or two so be patient. Once it is finished, select the Helper robot and select the connection number you are going to use. It is important to always select the same connection number! Your program needs this.

Boss searching... Select Helper NXT Which connection number?

Once your robots connect with each other, they have to share the same passkey. The default passkey "1234" works just fine.

Boss connecting Passkey on the Boss Passkey on the Helper