Number Line Challenges

This project can be adapted for older grade 1 to grade 4 students. See below for more ideas.

Grade 2 students at Sunalta School in Calgary, Alberta were working with a number line and robots. The number line was made with laminated paper with marks 17 cm apart (17 cm is about one rotation or the robot's wheel).

The students had already done "fancy math" questions with their robots (5-2+3+7-1=12 is a "fancy math" question). For example, one challenge was to use fancy math to start at 0 and get to 25 but never land on an even number. They used loops to do skip counting and from skip counting some groups found prime numbers by using the Sieve of Eratosthenes.

This project can be modified to work for older and younger students. For example, you can ask students to make the robot start at 0, go forward twice and backward once in any order but never stop on an even number and finally land on 15. Students must deal with even and odd, basic addition and subtraction.