Rainbow Goblins

The Grade 1 classes at Glendale had been reading The Rainbow Goblins External Link by Ul De Rico and decided the plants might need a bit of help.  They built and programmed robotic guardians that communicated with each other in case the goblins decided to get sneaky. We challenged the students to create robots that would:

  • detect when a goblin came along the path our robot was guarding
  • try to scare the goblin away
  • send a message asking for help (because it is a well known fact that goblins don't stay scared for long)
  • tell the central robot to lift the rainbow up.

Rainbow and the robotic protectors.

These students had to learn conditional and infinite looping, using a touch sensor, sending infrared mail and making sounds with their robots.

For more information, look at the robotics webpage External Link created by Kara Rowley and Darren