Robotics Projects

"Let me tell you a story," is often how robotics begins for students and teachers who are working with AxonLearn. The best stories contain the seed of a problem that appears simple on the surface and can get more and more complex.

Thank you for teaching me robotics

The connections to curriculum can be from any of the major subject areas. For example:

  • opening and closing the spillway gate for Acadian Farmers (grade 2 social studies),
  • delivering grain to a Grain Elevator (grade 4 social studies),
  • counting trees infected with pine beetles (grade 3 science),
  • rescuing the rainbow from the Rainbow Goblins (grade 1 language arts)
  • patterns (grade 2 math)
  • combinations and permutations (grade 5 math)
  • data management and graphing (grade 6 math)

Watch a Calgary Herald report by Rick Donkers on robotics and other special programs at Elbow Park School or follow the links below to view projects from different grade levels.

Many of the projects use the newer NXT robotics kits (the grey bricks); however, there are many projects for the older, yellow RCX kits. If you don't have the newer kits but have access to the older ones, you can excite your students about robotics with educationally relevant and challenging projects.